The inventories have been completed

The inventories of the abiotic and biotic environment of the Oituz-Ojdula site have been completed, as part of the project “Elaboration of the Natura 2000 Oituz-Ojdula Management Plan”. Thus, studies have been drafted on the assessment of abiotic environment and land use, inventory of forest habitats, inventory of large carnivorous populations, inventory of bat populations, inventory of amphibian populations and socio-economic aspects. Based on these results, experts will begin to draft the management plan. 


IMG_3927 Myotis mystacinus capturat lg buncarul din spatele bisericii Oituz

Cvadrat 53 poza 2


Cvadrat 291 poza 6

Cvadrat 291 poza 2


Cvadrat 291 poza 10

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