Ecological education activities in schools around the Oituz-Ojdula site have been completed

Within the Project „Elaboration of the Natura 2000 Oituz-Ojdula Management Plan”, 16 activities of ecological education were organized for preschoolers, pupils from elementary school and V-VIII from Breţcu, Oituz, Mărtănuș, Lemnia, Ojdula and Hilib. The main theme of these activities was the presentation of the natural values of the Oituz-Ojdula site.

Gradinita 5


Gradinita 1

Gradinita 4

Clasa V 5

Clasele I-IV 4

Clasa IV 4

Clasele I-IV 1

Clasele I-IV 3

Clasele I-IV 5

Clasele I-IV

Gradinita 6


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