Custodian – Private Forest District of Brețcu

The Private Forest District of Breţcu was established on the basis of art.15 of the Law 46/2008-Forestry Code, and it was registered in the National Register of Forests and Forestry Districts at item 76, by the judge’s decision of 02.07.2009. As a legal basis through which it is pronounced is GO no.26 / 2000 on associations and foundations. According to the Constitutive Act and the Statute of the role, the purpose of the Private Forest District of Breţcu is to ensure the management of forests and meadows private property and the support of the protection activities of the environment. The General Assembly is the governing body.

Private Forest District of Breţcu is the custodian of the Natura 2000 Oituz-Ojdula site ROSCI0130 from 22.02.2010.

The forest district has 28 employees, the main activity being forestry (planting, forest conservation, growing and maintenance of saplings for afforestation).