Around the territory, residents of Ojdula (3519 inhabitants), Lemnia (1936 inhabitants), Breţcu (3,550 inhabitants) practice agriculture, animal growth, wood exploitation, and forest management. The localities are not fully supplied with drinking water or connected to the sewage system, and the homes are heated with wood and natural gas. In the area, the locals have passed from generation to generation the art of carving in wood and stone, red ceramics, the making of Mocan cranes, stitches and fabrics for national costumes or for dowry. The living conditions of villagers in the last decades have worsened because of low economic conditions. The Oituz-Ojdula site can play an important role in supporting the economic and social welfare of local communities.

The protected area has important advantages for the development of tourism and ecotourism activities, which can bring important incomes to the local communities, which can create jobs and through which the sustainable development of these areas can be achieved.

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