Objectives and activities

General objective

Elaboration of the Natura 2000 Oituz-Ojdula Management Plan to maintain the long-term conservation status of species and habitats of Community Importance


Specific objectives of the project

  1. Evaluation of natural capital and their current conservation status in order to elaborate the management plan of the Oituz-Ojdula site.
  2. Improving the awareness of locals and stakeholders, developing the ecological education of students from localities around the site.
  3. Increasing the institutional capacity of the custodian Breţcu Private Forest District to manage the protected area.

Activities envisaged to achieve the objectives:

A.1. Elaboration of substantiation studies and management plan of Oituz-Ojdula site

– A.1.1. Assessing the abiotic environment of the site and the way land is used

– A.1.2. Inventory of forest habitats

– A.1.3. Inventory of large carnivore population

– A.1.4. Inventory of bats population

– A.1.5. Inventory of amphibian population

– A.1.6. Assessment of socio-economic aspects

– A.1.7. Evaluating the results of the studies and elaborating the Management Plan

A.2. Improving the awareness of locals and stakeholders

– A.2.1. Developing eco-education in schools around the site

– A.2.2 Environmental education activities on the Natura 2000 Oituz-Ojdula site

– A.2.3. Achieving documentary film about Oituz-Ojdula site

– A.2.4. Organization of information campaign on the results of the project and the experience gained

– A.2.5. Advertising and project information


A.3. Training and capacity-building activities in managing the Oituz-Ojdula site

– A.3.1. The Custody’s staff participation on training courses

– A.3.2. Purchase of Devices and Software for Custody and training for their use


A.4. Project Management Activities (MP)

– A.4.1 Project Management

– A.4.2 Project Audit